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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've started cooking more labor intensive meals on Sunday afternoons. This is strange for me because Sundays are generally one of my busier days, and adding the additional stress of cooking a meal I may not have a huge likelihood of success with is tricky.

But I live on the wild side.

I've been looking to the Veganomicon book for the more challenging dishes and this is not to say that the recipes found in that book are all challenging, in fact, I think there are some really simple and delicious meals in there. But what I love about this cookbook is that it has a pretty good array of difficulty levels and time necessary. Have I mentioned that I love this book?

I digress.

Anyways, I chose these Enchiladas because I love enchiladas. And I felt like it. Plain and simple.

There were quite a few mistakes in this one...

Let's start with the sauce, shall we?

-I don't know what green chiles look like. There it is. In the grocery store I spent approxiimately 5 minutes getting more and more flustered as I stood in front of the pepper section. I ended up buying some long light green pepper and a jalapeno. No idea if those substituted well.
-I roasted the peppers with their seeds and did not remove their skins. This was the first time I have EVER roasted...well, anything. And can I tell you, that may be what heaven smells like...roasted peppers.

Now let's move on to the filling.
-I didn't weight the potatoes.
-No kale at the grocery store, so I subbed red swiss chard (why is that ALWAYS in season seemingly?)
-No pepitas, so I used the meat from sunflower seeds. This actually worked out ok, surprisingly.

These turned out pretty great! I would do a few things differently next time: i.e. try and follow the recipe, but also adding a lot more spice. I also would use flour tortillas. Now, I know corn tortillas are more authentic and better for you, but I just don't like them. They are just not my cup of tea...or my tortilla if you will...

So here's the finished product. I didn't take a picture of the insides which were pretty because they had the white potatoes and reddish green of the chard. Maybe next time.

I'm too sick to even copy and paste the recipe, so if you want it, click here.

I'm also pretty convinced someone from Veganomicon is going to yell at me for posting all of their recipes (i.e. like 5). So, click over to this gal's blog if you feel so inclined.

I have to admit that this would have tasted better with cheese.

Oh the horror, I know.


  1. Love, love Veganomicon--got it from my sister-in-law for Christmas. Yum!

  2. Try Daiya cheddar shreds. They'd be perfect on something like this.

  3. Yum, yum, yum!!!!!

    I hope your travels north went well!!!!


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